Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Week in Ohio

I am officially in transition in life as I leave my hometown Toledo, Ohio. Instead of returning to Atlanta, I’m heading to Portland, Oregon. So far, things are going well. It was a great week with my nephews. They are the best little guys an aunt could ask for - their mom and dad included. 

It’s been a jam-packed week, mostly with family but one night spent with old friends from as far back as kindegarten (Mindy & Laurie Amstel ... grade school friend Laurie Z also came by); the Rock and Roll hall of fame was a highlight, splish-splashing at my sister in law’s family home in Michigan was great, and at the awesome Crosby Arts Festival where Mindy's ceramics were featured, I discovered my nephews have at least some of my DNA…they didn’t want to leave the rockin’ Blues stage at the festival. On my final day in T-town I took Danny and Joey to see Up in 3D. I’m a lucky girl to have such great friends and family.

Next stop is Colorado where i'll hang out with more good friends. I'm heading out today and joining me is my new road trip partner “Garmina” (G for short); Thanks to Mindy and Andy I now have a GPS system to help me if I get lost or need a hotel. As Andy said “he can’t always be my Human Atlas!”…Thanks Guys I love it and you. The route is pretty easy, i'm taking 80 West and going as far as I feel like driving before stopping for the night ... probably doing the same tomorrow before dropping down to 70W and landing in Denver Friday.

I’ve added a little video tribute to a good week in Ohio. Just tried my hand at iphoto slideshow yesterday otherwise it would've been shorter as my producing friends all know.


  1. We'll call you today from the road.

  2. lila, i lived in colorado for 5 years, and have good friends in durango, fredrick (karl, my old roommate from remember him!?) and fort collins....let me know if you need any "connections"!! post lotsa pictures!!