Friday, July 10, 2009

Crested Buttiful!!!

My first day in Crested Butte, Heather took me to a 7am yoga class with mountain views. 
I loved the town immediately. Crested Butte is nestled in the Gunnison National Forest, about an hour and half drive from Aspen when Keblar Pass is open - summers only. Hanging out in CB is unreal. Really unreal. It's like the scenery is out of a movie. With a population of 5,000 year round it astounds me this place isn't filled with outdoor adventure lovers. Maybe its the remoteness of the town. Maybe people don't realize this place is an outdoor playground for anyone. Another thing about this amazing town is that there isn't a stop light anywhere; just a four way stop to get you where you need to go. I absolutely love this place and had I visited a year ago this is the place I would be moving to. Yes, I know. I can stay. Heather told me I wouldn't want to leave. She was right. I'll be back to Crested Butte for sure. Along with my friend Mindy, Heather and I have also been friends since we were 5 going to school all the way through college -that's how me and my closest friends all come together and how that star of destiny shines upon us. She's an amazing skier and has mastered the talent of outdoor adventurer in just everything. She runs the kids ski school in CB and is doing an amazing job. I had such a good time with Hez and her super cool hubby Tim, who became an instant friend. After yoga, Hez took me hiking up Mount Crested Butte (elevation: 12,000) which required jumping on a ski lift - my first time ever - and the scene around us was absolutely stunning. Actually, CB itself is simply stunning. Later on, we checked out some live bluegrass, surrounded by mountains and good energy. I extended my stay an extra day because I like Crested Butte so much. Next day Tim and I hiked around Paradise Divide where the word exquisite doesn't do it justice. The place is just a mountain of paradise; maybe that's where the name comes from. I am a little sad leaving CB but knowing I'll be back here makes it a little easier. Get here sometime if you can, you'll be glad you did. 


  1. Beautiful pics, Lila! What a fantastic time your having, this makes me very jealous! :)
    Now I find out that your friends with the ski school instructor at Crested Butte? NICE!!! I guess I gotta figure out a way to get u out there and go skiing with me (good connections! Ha!).
    Safe travels.

  2. CB is awesome. Funny that we went skiing there 4 years in a row and THEN Heather moves to town.

    Note to Lila: The AVERAGE low temp in CB during the winter is MINUS 6 degrees. And winter lasts half the year. Think about it before you pack your bags.

  3. Kev, if you're going to be in Colorado skiing, it is sooo worth going there. And if I end up there myself, then you have a friend there... Andrew P. Sand, you neglected to mention the gardening season is like only 3 months long - EEKS - but I could be willing to make a sacrifice to live amongst that amazing beauty. But first, let's see how the NW plays out. But I seriously seriously loved that place.