Monday, July 13, 2009

Utah, Idaho, heading to new home

After leaving Crested Butte, I headed to Moab to check out the Arches. The plan whipped up that morning was to go to Moab, have lunch, keep driving. But as will be the case on road trips, my car 'Subie' was starting to have some issues. It resulted in an overnight stay in Moab which was fine by me. Moab is a cool small town filled with bicyclists, motorcyclists, and hikers. The Arches were incredible. It was like being in the Land of the Lost. I returned the next day and it was like i was seeing a whole new place. I think you can keep going back and seeing it with new eyes each time. Next time I'm in Moab I'll hit up Canyonland and get a bike ride in, but not this trip. Utah is a little schizo to me - you have desolute highway with not a building, person, animal in site for a hundred miles - just pretty mountains on the outskirts. Then you find yourself driving through mountains and valleys ... Deserts and Lushness. Utah is pretty cool. From there i was headed to Boise. I've always had this attraction to Idaho; now even more after seeing a huge billboard for Sierra Trading Post Outlet right in the city. Can you say exit asap? I spent an hour and a half inside and got some items while a huge storm raged outside. Boise is surrounded by mountains but has a surburbia feel to it, or at least a lot of franchises but still cool. I plan to make many trips to Idaho national parks once I settle a bit. 

It was about 45 minutes outside Boise and just minutes before Oregon border that I saw the most incredible rainbow - a full rainbow. I had to stop on the side of the highway to grab a shot. Now I'm sitting here in a hotel in Baker City, Oregon preparing to drive with "G" the 300 miles to Portland. More from P-town.

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