Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Aspen is aspenomenal

It wasn’t long at all after leaving Denver that the jaw dropping started… this is some beautiful country, from mountains to out of this world rock formations, though I have a feeling I’ll be saying this stuff all the way through Oregon. I came to Aspen to see my high school friend Judy who lives with her hubby Greg outside Denver but they were vacationing with friends in Aspen. So through the awesomeness of themselves and their awesome friends, they invited me to join them in the condo that Judy and Greg had. Pretty much the moment I arrived in Aspen the workout kicked in. First day was a 4 mile hike to Maroon Bells quickly followed by a 16 mile bike ride to, Woody Creek Canyon, an area outside Aspen … we bikded pass Snowmass and Aspen Highlands. It has been nothing short of magical. We ended by riding to the John Denver sanctuary and it was so overwhelming to be there that you couldn’t help but get goose bumps and choked up. Dinner in Aspen with some light musical entertainment made it a perfect day in this great town. Tuesday morning started with a 40 minute hike that goes straight up – seriously – the steep rocky Ute Trail, which ascends 1200 feet in just over a mile! The higher elevation had me stopping at times but the vistas were worth stopping for. I’ve said it over and over but I’m a lucky girl to have so many awesome friends & family to see on this trip from Cleveland – Toledo – Colorado. Next stop is Crested Butte where I’ll see my friend Heather. She’s put me in a direction where I’ll go to CB via Keblar Pass which Hez says is one of the most beautiful drives I will ever see in my life…. And it was!! More to come later.

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