Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have some seriously great friends. That's what this trip is about in some ways; seeing the people i have known the longest in life, who have seen the good, the bad and still welcome me with open arms. Everyone I am seeing in Colorado are good friends from as long ago as 35 to 25 years of friendship. I've been to Colorado 4-5 times but this time something was different, like I was looking at what I've seen before with new eyes. As I rolled into Denver to see Chris and Iggy, one of the first things to see - again - was a rainbow! Chilling out in Denver was perfect as the deeper I drive west the more accustomed to a new life I become. Like a lot of american cities, Denver has great parks, cool neighborhoods and super cool people & dogs like Frazier. But the fact that it's so laid back and surrounded by beautiful mountains makes it stand out in some ways. From City Park you have views of the Continental Divide and Mount Evans. How cool is that? The holiday weekend was really special to me in many ways as I accomplished making changes that I wanted to within a year - those with me last holiday will know what that's about. But it was double special to hang with great friends and their awesome cool friends, gathering to eat, drink and celebrate so much. 


  1. Moose! I totally see why you absolutely love Colorado. Man oh man. I am officially putting it on my list. We'll see how the next year or so goes in the NW but this part of Colorado is a must see/must return. I fell in love with Telluride, now Aspen ... next stop: Crested Butte.