Monday, August 31, 2009

Dating the new Old Fashioned way

I did something a few weeks ago that I said I would never do; never in Atlanta, never anywhere. With one exception. I would only do this if I were the new girl in town.

Now I am. So I did … ONLINE DATING. 

Everyone’s doing it and if they’re not doing it, they know someone who is. Plus, there are hundreds of online dating sites out there. I chose to join, mainly because I came across a 30% off coupon for it. Let me tell you, walking into this dating scene is a little bizzaro; you’ve got all types of people swimming in the same pool, from the divorced… the widowed… or the never married “but been in a committed relationship before” type of guy.

One thing is certain: I’m getting quite the education. 

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  1. I’m in unchartered waters.
  1. Everyone has a viewpoint on “who pays when” etiquette
  1. Dating in my 40s versus dating in my 20s & 30s is a completely different experience; if a guy isn’t into me, I’m okay with that. Next…

With only a few hiccups, the experience has been fun. Dates have included a concert at the zoo, breakfast at the “original” Original Pancake House, a french pastry shop, and the Canby, Oregon Cruise-In, featuring old model cars. 

I no longer think the pain and pleasures of plunging oneself into the dating world has to do soley with geography but more to do with state of mind. My month long membership is up in a little over a week. After that, I go free agent for awhile. Should be interesting. Meantime, I have plenty to occupy myself with, like putting away the gypsy lifestyle I've led the last 9 months and settling into a new house as a renter. Single girl + new town + new home = Bliss. 

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